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##SFTP server - shared folder access with restricted users

If you have followed part1 of this article you would have seen me mentioning about a virtual client named RMP. we are going to discuss that requirement here and look into how we can set it up.

##Our Requirements:

  • 4 Folders [ Data, Documents, Test, Logs ] exist in the top folder /sftp/home/rmp_inbound
  • 4 internal users grouped as rmp_intgrp and they will have full access on the above mentioned folders
  • 3 External users grouped as rmp_extgrp and they will have read access to the folder Data and Documents only and Test/Logs folder should be invisible
  • xferlog log format for file transactions and everyday log is kept under Logs folder for internal users access
  • Key based authentication


####Create the folders

mkdir -pv /sftp/home/rmp_inbound/{Data,Documents,Test,Logs}
chown proftpd.ftpgroup -R /sftp/home/rmp_inbound
chmod 770 -R /sftp/home/rmp_inbound

[root@server02 rmp_inbound]# pwd

[root@server02 rmp_inbound]# ls -1

####Create Groups/Users: We are going to create 2 groups and add the 7 users to thier respective groups as mentioned in our requirement

#Add Virtual Group rmp_intgrp for internal users
sftpasswd --group --gid=2002 --name=rmp_intgrp

#Add Virtual Group rmp_extgrp for external users
sftpasswd --group --gid=2003 --name=rmp_extgrp

#Add Internal users and add them to Internal group - will prompt for password.
sftpasswd --passwd --name=rmp_intuser1 --home=/sftp/home/rmp_inbound --shell=/bin/false --uid=2001 --gid=2002 --gecos "RMP Internal - User1"
sftpasswd --passwd --name=rmp_intuser2 --home=/sftp/home/rmp_inbound --shell=/bin/false --uid=2001 --gid=2002 --gecos "RMP Internal - User2"
sftpasswd --passwd --name=rmp_intuser3 --home=/sftp/home/rmp_inbound --shell=/bin/false --uid=2001 --gid=2002 --gecos "RMP Internal - User3"
sftpasswd --passwd --name=rmp_intuser4 --home=/sftp/home/rmp_inbound --shell=/bin/false --uid=2001 --gid=2002 --gecos "RMP Internal - User4"

NOTE: we have reused the userid of proftpd daemon mentioned in part1 as they are virtual users and proftpd can have full access to them when it comes to unix permissions

#Add External users and add them to External group - will prompt for password.
sftpasswd --passwd --name=rmp_extuser1 --home=/sftp/home/rmp_inbound --shell=/bin/false --uid=2001 --gid=2003 --gecos "RMP External - User1"
sftpasswd --passwd --name=rmp_extuser2 --home=/sftp/home/rmp_inbound --shell=/bin/false --uid=2001 --gid=2003 --gecos "RMP External - User2"
sftpasswd --passwd --name=rmp_extuser3 --home=/sftp/home/rmp_inbound --shell=/bin/false --uid=2001 --gid=2003 --gecos "RMP External - User3"

NOTE: All the above 7 users share the same home folder.

#we should see something similar in /etc/proftpd/

[root@server02 proftpd]# cat /etc/proftpd/

#we should see something similar in /etc/proftpd/sftp.passwd
[root@server02 proftpd]# cat /etc/proftpd/sftpd.passwd
rmp_intuser1:$1$oNjFuN8M$TOgga.Gl.2o2tqrxMNr2g1:2001:2002:RMP Internal - User1:/sftp/home/rmp_inbound:/bin/false
rmp_intuser2:$1$oNjFuN8M$TOgga.Gl.3o2tqrxMNr2g2:2001:2002:RMP Internal - User2:/sftp/home/rmp_inbound:/bin/false
rmp_intuser3:$1$oNjFuN8M$TOgga.Gl.4o2tqrxMNr2g3:2001:2002:RMP Internal - User3:/sftp/home/rmp_inbound:/bin/false
rmp_intuser4:$1$oNjFuN8M$TOgga.Gl.2o5tqrxMNr2g4:2001:2002:RMP Internal - User4:/sftp/home/rmp_inbound:/bin/false
rmp_extuser1:$1$oNjFuN8M$TOgga.Gl.2o2tqrxMNr4g1:2001:2003:RMP External - User1:/sftp/home/rmp_inbound:/bin/false
rmp_extuser2:$1$oNjFuN8M$TOgga.Gl.2o2tqrxMNr6g2:2001:2003:RMP External - User2:/sftp/home/rmp_inbound:/bin/false
rmp_extuser3:$1$oNjFuN8M$TOgga.Gl.2o2tqrxMNr8g3:2001:2003:RMP External - User3:/sftp/home/rmp_inbound:/bin/false

##Configuration: If you are following the article in part1 proftpd.conf you would see that there is a reference to home folder configuration which jails the users to thier home folder.

####Jailed Home Folders please take a look at the above link to look at the full config file, but the below bits are the important ones for this shared folder setup.

#Main config file:
[root@server02 ~]# ls -lh /etc/proftpd.conf
-rw-r-----. 1 root root 11K Jan  8 15:41 /etc/proftpd.conf

#NOTE: The below config should be placed above the default configuration as shown below
#Jailed users/Chroot home is achieved by the below line in proftpd.conf

#RMP HOME folder configuration
DefaultRoot        /sftp/home/rmp_inbound rmp_intgrp,rmp_extgrp

#Everyone Else mapped to thier home directory
DefaultRoot        ~ !adm

Include /etc/proftpd/clients/*.conf

####Shared Folders Special ACL Enforcement. If this little snippet is not included, both the internal/external users will have admin access

[root@server02 clients]# pwd

[root@server02 clients]# ls

[root@server02 clients]# cat rmp.conf

####Verify Configs and restart Service

#Check Syntax
[root@server02 bin]# proftpd -t
Checking syntax of configuration file
2015-01-12 23:39:14,269 server02.test.local proftpd[9182]: processing configuration directory '/etc/proftpd/clients'
Syntax check complete.

#Reload the sftp server
[root@server02 bin]# service proftpd restart
Shutting down proftpd:                                     [  OK  ]
Starting proftpd:                                          [  OK  ]

The above setup will provide you a sftp server running on port 2022 with password based authentication, for which ever client if you prefer to enable key based authentication please drop the users key in /etc/proftpd/authorized_keys/ folder with as file name

####Key Based Authentication:

#Generate ssh keys 
[root@server02 .ssh]# ssh-keygen -b 2048
# it should create a file under .ssh as

#convert the key from openssh format to SSH2 format.
[root@server02 .ssh]# ssh-keygen -e -f > rmp_intuser1

#please makesure that the comment is not too longer than the key as it may cause issues sometimes
[root@server02 .ssh]# cat rmp_intuser1
Comment: "2048-bit RSA, root@server02.test.local"

Drop the above key in /etc/proftpd/authorized_keys/ folder as rmp_intuser1 and rmp_intuser1 should now be able to login using key based authentication. Drop the keys for other users to enable login via key based authentication

NOTE: The above key generation is shown for example only and the clients should provide thier public key themselves


####xferlog daily log requirement. Since the logrotate for the whole sftp server logs is rotated weekly, we are going to use a script to give us daily logs just for the RMP client. The script can be placed under /opt/scripts and run daily at 01:00 hours